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Alpha Printing Technology Co., Ltd,established in March 2014. It is the manufacturing base set up in China by the world-famous photosensitive drum manufacturer “Alpha Co., Ltd.” of South Korea. After nearly two years of development, in December 2015, the parent company “Alpha Co., Ltd.” of South Korea, in order to better expand and expand the market in China and the world, moved all the research and development centers of photosensitive drums to Zhuhai, China, and Zhuhai Alpha Technology Co., Ltd. was responsible for the global printer R&D and manufacturing of photocopier drum, and supply to the global market.

Adhering to the corporate spirit of the parent company “Alpha Corporation” of South Korea in talent training, technological innovation, and pursuit of ultra-high quality, in 2015, Zhuhai Alpha Science and Technology Co., Ltd. invested a huge amount of human and financial resources in talent training, technological development, process optimization, and quality control, and cultivated an excellent talent team in the photocopier, printer and drum industries, and mastered a number of invention patents, Its technology and quality are in the leading position in the field of photocopier organic photosensitive drum, and its product quality is widely recognized and used by famous enterprises in the industry.

In August 2017, Zhuhai Alpha Printing Technology Co., Ltd. joined the family of Guangzhou Anguo Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. to fully share the industrial chain resources of Anguo Optoelectronic Technology and form technological complementation. At the same time, we will deepen cooperation in talent training, technology research and development, and equipment optimization, which will make Zhuhai Alpha Technology Co., Ltd. more prominent in product innovation, quality improvement, cost control and other aspects. Zhuhai Alpha Technology Co., Ltd. will usher in greater development opportunities.

In the past and in the future, we will continue to build a core technology R&D team for in-depth cooperation between the technical backbone of China and South Korea. With the mission of industry development, we will take the lead in building a complete intellectual property system, building a highly automated photocopier drum production line and related equipment, and gradually develop into a benchmark enterprise in the photocopier drum industry.


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