Recently, our company welcomed the good news. According to the relevant provisions of the National Measures for the Administration of the Identification of High-tech Enterprises and the Guidelines for the Administration of the Identification of High-tech Enterprises, our products such as “special positive organic photosensitive drum for photocopiers” and “special long-life organic photosensitive drum for photocopiers” were recognized as national high-tech products. Guangdong Provincial Association of High-tech Enterprises issued the “Guangdong Provincial High-tech Products” certificate, which officially entered the ranks of high-tech enterprises.

          Since its establishment, our company has maintained rapid and stable development. Our company focuses on R&D and production of photocopier drum. Adhering to the business philosophy of “innovation is the only way out for high-quality development”, the company adheres to the principle of customer first and quality first. Through continuous efforts and transcendence, it has become one of the largest, most influential and fastest growing enterprises in the organic photosensitive drum of photocopiers, and is deeply popular with customers. Our products are rated as high-tech products of Guangdong Province this time, which will further promote the process of independent innovation and independent research and development of the company, and is also another milestone of the company’s development.